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But as with everything, there are always some that are better than othersーhandbags are no exception. While there are thousands of handbag brands out there in the market, the average person is probably only familiar with a limited amount (unless of course, you’re a handbag collecting enthusiast). We’ve all heard of the big names like Louis Vuitton and Hermes but do they really do that well in the handbag market? We’ll answer that question as we go on to list some of the top 10 best selling handbags in the world! Founded in 1993 by American fashion designer Kate Spade, this designer brand produces a number of quality handbags every year. While the company features and sells a large variety of different items on their catalogue today, this didn’t always used to be the case. When it was first created in January 1993, the company was known as “Kate Spade Handbags” and had soldーyou guessed it, solely handbags. However as the brand started to gain more popularity, the company began pumping out more and more products. In 2007, Kate Spade released a home collection which included items such as bath items and bedding and later released a line of fragrances in 2013. While Kate Spade handbags are a fantastic addition to every girl’s closets, choose your bag wiselyーas each of them can easily set you back a few hundred dollars! Established in 1981 by American designer, Michael Kors, this luxurious brand is not only known for their quality handbags, but for their other accessories such as watches and shoes.

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